A team of human rights activists working together in the sector of human rights, equity and social justice as a loose group for about a decade later formalized by registering the group as Terai Human Rights Defenders Alliance (THRDA or popularly known as THRD Alliance) in 2011.

THRD Alliance emerged in 2011 during the post Madhes movement period when many extrajudicial killings were taking place in the Terai. The departure of the UN OHCHR in 2010 created a complete vacuum in human rights monitoring in the region. At that time of crisis in the post Madhes movement period, THRD Alliance took the shape of an informal group of rights activists advocating against extra-judicial killings, illegal arrest and torture in the Terai. After the exit of the UN OHCHR from Nepal in 2010, there also was a vacuum in monitoring of illegal and arbitrary arrest and associated violations in Madhes districts and elsewhere in Nepal.

A lack of trust, cultural understanding and lack of a common language can seriously impair efforts by national NGOs when they attempt to work in the Terai. This is a day-to-day problem, however, it reached a peak in the recent failure of the NGO community to effectively monitor and report on massive protests and Bandhs that took place in the far west of Nepal in May 2012 related to federalism and the constitution

Though THRD Alliance is a relatively new organization with limited funding, it may safely be said that it has been very successful in making use of its limited resources as efficiently as possible to achieve the largest impact possible, and in increasing its presence in the Terai region by engaging regularly and well with its beneficiaries and its presence in Nepal as a whole via engagement with parliamentarians, NHRC, local human rights organizations, media houses and international organizations.