About Us

A team of human rights activists working together in the sector of human rights, equity and social justice as a loose group for about a decade later formalized by registering the group as Terai Human Rights Defenders Alliance (THRDA, also popularly known as THRD Alliance) in 2011.

Since its establishment, the THRD Alliance has been working on the issues of specific human rights violations related to torture, extrajudicial execution, illegal arrest or detention, citizenship, inclusion and discrimination in the Terai. Its intervention focuses on monitoring, documentation, and litigation for the cases of human rights violations.  It also makes lobby or advocacy for policy change when necessary.


THRD Alliance envisions a culture of human rights in Nepal through the institutionalization of effective social justice delivery mechanisms.


The mission of THRD Alliance is to achieve the goals of social justice through equality and non-discrimination.


The common goal of THRD Alliance, whether its efforts are carried out in the Terai or in any part of the country  is to strengthen the voice of the Madhes (Terai region) on social justice issues in Nepal, particularly through a legal focus on the state’s obligation to respect and protect human rights without discrimination of any kind.

Legal Identity

  • Registered at: District Administration Office, Mahottari
  • Registration Number and Date: 1210/4 August 2011
  • PAN Number: 305170725
  • Affiliation: Social Welfare Council: 33344/13 September 2011


With its federal office in Kathmandu-based Terai Justice Center, and its head office in Jaleshwar of Mahottari, THRD Alliance works in Nepal through an alliance of human rights defenders and lawyers and the provincial offices (Biratnagar for Province 1, Janakpur for the Province 2, Bhairahwa for Province  5 and Dhangadhi for Province 7), and a contact office based in Nepalgunj.