There are following ways to get involved in THRD Alliance:


THRD Alliance invites call for its membership every year, and interested persons are requested to keep checking our website or social networks for the notice. They may also inquire about the opportunity by visiting our office. For  the membership, they will have to pay the membership fee to the organization according to its by-laws.


Those who want to voluntarily contribute to THRD Alliance can become volunteers. Aspiring volunteers are requested to email at [email protected] with express of their interest for volunteering along with areas of expertise. Volunteers can work part-time as per their convenience. The volunteers’ roles will be assigned based on their availability and areas of interest and expertise.


THRD Alliance provides internship opportunity for Nepalis and foreigners. For the internship, the organization will provide the cost of local transportation, ans foods/accommodation. The internship is usually of a period of at least six months.


Donate THRD Alliance for its actions against human rights violations. Contact the office for the donation.