On 03 August 2019, Terai Human Rights Defenders Alliance organized an assessment workshop in Nepalgunj for Strengthening civil society and Institutions accountability for social Justice and Human Rights project. There were Twenty Eight participants  from Local Judicial Committee (LJC)  of  Banke and Bardiya districts.

The main objectives of the workshop was to assess the understanding of the actors about the power and functions of Local Judicial Committee formed as per the Art. 217 of the constitution of Nepal and its practical implementation status, to discuss the practical working knowledge of different judicial committee’s members and challenges they are facing, and to discuss the relation between the local judicial committee and the other judicial sector actors.

In the closing remarks, the LJC coordinators from Banke and Bardiya noted that the workshop was useful for them to enhance their knowledge and ease the practical challenges. They also highlighted the need that there are medication centeres formed but not sufficient trained mediators are available. Thus, THRDA needs to provide detailed capacity building tools as well as work with them for awareness raising specially those who have received less trainings. THRDA ED thanked them for their participation and assured them that it will work out for future engagement as per the necessity.