A torture survivor in Banke district, after receiving threats from a member of Nepal Police has withdrawn the complaint filed at the district police office.

On 11 May 2019, Mohammad Nazir Khan (57 years old) of Narayanpur Rural Municipality Ward number 1 (Majhreti village) was looking after his pet animals in his cowshed when two police personnel from Armed Police Force and Nepal Police met him. Police Inspector Puran GC of Armed Police Force Post and Assistant Sub Inspector Dirgh Bahadur Sahi of Nepal Police Post based in Suiya started to inquire Nazir about the forest woods.

In response, Nazir told the police officials that he did not know anything about the forest woods. After he denied to give the information, both the police officials beat him up. His left hand was broken after the police officials thrashed him severely. He also have bruises on different parts of his body.

On 16 May 2019, Nazir visited the office of THRD Alliance in Nepalgunj, requesting for support. Next day, the victim, with the help of the organization,  registered an application at the district police office (DPO) of Banke, alleging the police officials for torturing him and requesting for the medical check up. However, the DPO did not proceed the FIR despite the fact that the victim mentioned the names of the accused police officials.

On 17 May 2019, Nazir, under the pressure by police and local political leaders, agreed to make a compromise with the police and later decided to withdraw the complaint after the police agreed to provide him medical expenses.

A political representative, who said, on the condition of anonymity, that police threatened him of charging him of a crime which could lead him to prison for 20 years.   

Nazir later informed THRD Alliance that he withdrew the FIR after accused police officials apologized him and agreed to provide medical expenses. However, he refused to inform about it in details.