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Terai Human Rights Defenders Alliance (THRDA) and Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), request you all to send an appeal letter to the government authorities of Nepal to ensure justice in this case. 

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Traffic police officers attached with the Lahan District Traffic Office thrashed Mr. Dhananjaya Yadav for failing to stop his motorcycle near them. Yadav was beaten for nearly 30 minutes. This incident is indicative of the increasing police highhandedness in Nepal’s Tarai region recently.


On 19 November 2017, Mr. Dhananjaya Yadav, who works as a Lab Assistant at the Lila Madan Polyclinic, was driving to the branch office of Kamana Nursing Home on his motorcycle at 9 a.m. When he reached the Lahan District Traffic Office, the traffic police officers signaled him to stop. Although Dhananjaya hit the brakes, the motorcycle stopped a little away from the officers. Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Lok Bahadur Diyali abruptly took out the motorcycle keys.

When Dhananjaya protested and demanded his keys back, one of the officers grabbed his collar and started beating him. He was then taken inside the cabin of the Inspector of Police. Several officers including the Assistant Sub-Inspector, thrashed him with bamboo sticks, and punched and kicked him. The assault went on for almost half an hour.

Dhananjaya has sustained a cut below his right eye and it has turned black. Blood also came out of his nose. He went to Lila Madan Polyclinic at around 11 am, and has been receiving treatment for his injuries.

While the National Human Rights Commission has started investigating this case, police highhandedness has increased in Tarai in recent days. The AHRC requests the Government of Nepal to promptly look into this incident. The involved traffic police officers must be suspended from active duty during the investigation, and if found guilty, they must face stringent punishment. Only such strict action will deter other police officers from engaging in such actions.


Please write letters to the Prime Minister of Nepal, National Human Rights Commission, Attorney General and Inspector General of Police, calling on them to take all necessary steps to ensure justice in this case.

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The AHRC will write a separate letter to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment calling for his intervention into this matter.

Acknowledgement: This content has originally appeared on AHRC's website.

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