Organizing a program in Janakpurdham, Province 2 on June 26, the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, THRD Alliance emphasized on the importance of custody monitoring for torture prevention. The program was attended by the Chief Attorney Office, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Janakpur, Nepal Police, Nepal BAR Association, lawyers, human rights defenders and activists.

The program, that was inaugurated by Dipendra Jha Chief Attorney of Province 2 was presided over by Mohan Kumar Karn, Executive Director of the organization. The program began with the welcome speech by human rights officer Arjun Kumar Sah and the objective sharing by the Program Coordinator Praveen Kumar Yadav.

Executive Director Karn presented a paper on the monitoring of custody for the prevention of torture. At the end of his presented, he left the following questions for the further discussion in the event.

  • What are the possibilities and challenges for the Office of the Chief Attorney to monitor the detention centres regularly?
  • How can the Office of the Attorney General and the National Human Rights Commission can coordinate and collaborate with human rights activists while monitoring custodies and torture incidents?
  • How can government attorney offices and district courts assist the victims of illegal detention and torture to get treatment and justice?
  • How can the role of Nepal Bar Association and lawyers be increased to reduce problems of torture and illegal detention?

Likewise, Acting Director of National Human Rights Commission, Province 2 Birbahadur Buddhimagar shared the status of custody monitoring and torture in Province 2 and the role of NHRC in the monitoring and preventing torture.

Chief Attorney Jha spoke on what office (Chief Attorney Office) has done so far and what they could do in the days to come for minimizing torture and monitoring custody in the province. He made commitments in supporting the victims of torture with access to justice along with preparation of detention monitoring guidelines.

Likewise, representatives of Nepal Bar Association, lawyers and activists expressed their concerns related to challenges and issues in monitoring custody and preventing torture.

Acknowledging the occurrence of torture incidents, Deputy Superintendent of Police of Nepal Police, Dhanusha, he expressed his commitment in contributing in minimizing torture.

At the end of the program, Federick Rwaski, Asia Regional Director at International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) spoke on the role of judiciary on federal context. He shared the different experiences of different countries on the efforts of preventing torture. He also expressed commitment how ICJ could be of supporting in the independence and reform of judiciary.